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    Shop our range of Personalised Cat Blankets and upload a photo of your cat to create a unique blanket gift for cat lovers.
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    Personalised Cat Photo Blankets

    What could be nicer than cuddling up with a Personalised Blanket featuring your own cat? At Dogsy we know that our feline friends can be quite elusive, so when they have gone for a wander around the neighbourhood, you can still cuddle up to your cat's face by uploading their photo to one of our blankets.

    This is the ideal gift for cat owners and cat lovers alike, providing a Personalised Cat Blanket they can treasure and snuggle with whenever they like. It's super easy to order too; simply choose the Cat Photo Blanket style that is likely to get the recipient purring and upload a photo of your cat.

    You will be warm and cosy with your Personalised Cat Blanket before you know it!

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