Cat Wrapping Paper

    Create your very own, unique Cat Wrapping Paper featuring your very own Cat. Simply upload their photo to create Personalised Cat Photo Wrapping Paper.
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    Your Cat On Wrapping Paper

    At Dogsy, we know that gift wrap is often overlooked when it comes to handing out presents. We are on a mission to change all of that, with our collection of Cat Wrapping Paper; the only gift wrap in the world to feature a photo of your cat! We can’t think of a better way to wrap a heartfelt gift to a cat lover than by including your cat’s photo.

    We have made it as simple as possible to create your own Cat gift wrap too. Once you have chosen your favourite style, you simply need to upload a photo of your cat looking beautiful/grumpy/regal/angry (delete as appropriate).

    From there, our team will print and send out your unique Cat Wrapping Paper and you can look forward to making your gift giving extra special.

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